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How To Help Your Past Work For You Not Against You

How To Help Your Past Work For You

Not Against You

All too often we allow our past experiences to dictate where our present life resides. We allow the stories we have been told, or the truth that we have decided was correct, to hold us back from our full potential.

So how do we stop this from happening?

First, it is necessary to determine what story we need to rewrite. For example, are you not generating the income you would like to be at this point in your life? Take a moment to sit and think what current belief system of abundance? Does it look like the environment you grew up in? Do you have a twisted image of what “rich people” look or act like?

Take a second to write down your idea of character traits that make up someone who has created monetary abundance in their life. At the start of my mind-setting journey, mine were: smart, lucky, lost, not really happy, maybe even arrogant. That being said, not all of those are character traits that I would like to adopt. Now that I know and can see how I don’t want to be like or represent, now I can re-write my success story to involve words like satisfied, joyously abundant, and free to feed their dreams. These are words that I can relate to and incorporate into my new idea of what “Rich” looks like.

By doing this, it is allowing The Divine to open the essential doors that will draw abundance towards me to feed my ultimate goals of Life Balance and Living To Inspire Others.


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